About us

I desing costumes for cinema, theatre and photography since 2007 with another label "El Costurero Real" . In 2014 I started my new label Royal Couture Spain, for high fashion and bridal fashion, with historical and fairytales inspiration. 

Royal Couture presents this new collection, dedicated to an enigmatic and elegant woman, but edgy as well. A classic cut inspired by Film Noir actresses, combined with a sensuous and dramatic look.

Long dresses, made out of chiffon, velvet or tulle, mixed with lace and feathers. Black colors dominate this collection, but there are also red, golden and white tones. The feathers are applied to interior cors├ęs that perfectly shape the body. Some dresses include harnesses as braces or as a decorative detail through a false inner harness.

In addition, we have added new accessories, as removable feather epaulettes, which can be applied to any garment and are available in black or white; and our innovative harnesses, that may be worn as an ornament or applied to the dresses as double belts or braces. We opted for a total look to match this collection, with dark lipsticks and romantic waves.

Inspired by the extravagant balls in "Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell" written by Susanna Clarke, the collection pays homage to the novel and its magical characters.

For the stunning pictures, taken by Eva Ribot, we travelled to the Zoo del Pirineo, a wildlife sanctuary of native birds, that appear as majestic hosts. You can see the making of in the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBNICoswGk4